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In nowadays chaotic situation ,  most of us have a tangle of clutter that we do not know where to open … It may have happened to you that during an accident or on a day when you are very sad, or maybe you have a problem in your job and you can not even decide, you have told yourself that;

I wish there was someone to accompany me


Someone who can least give me a clue to this dilemma

I wish my therapist was right next to me right now

It may come to your mind at the moment that , you go and take your visit time but they accepted it so late or you were in queue for such a long time that your problem is so huge now that is unsolvable or you just let that go .

Now we represent a package that :

Complete support in all stages of changing and personal growth and even your business. Anytime you feel the need to talk to Farjam and you need his help this can happen “anytime” . In the following we will pay attention to the details of the package and the comments of whom had have this package :

What services will you have ?

Each week you will have at least 2 hours private sessions and depending on your circumstances, it can be present or absent sessions and because of that you guys that are in abroad can have this package too.

You are in direct contact with Farjam between sessions

You can call or text on WhatsApp whenever you want or feel the need.

If you feel you can not come in person, for example due to acute depression or pregnancy or any other reasons Farjam will come to you!

If you are afraid of driving or being in a plane Farjam will come with you to the place , do what is not done in the whole Middle East for the first time in this package and exactly at that place that you need to help he is there. Full and comprehensive accompaniment! He will even come to the party with you if necessary!

What Changes will be made ?

1- Independence

If you are attached to something personal or place that hinders your progress, first I will identify it and then achieve independence with Farjam’s Help

For example if you live with your family and that keeps you away of numbers of progressing in your life Farjam will help you to be independet

2- Business

According to the recommendations we received, the clients who passed this package , If they didn’t have any job they found , and if they had a personal business, with business consulting, their business has flourished.

3- Self-Knowledge

In this package, we will teach you the first steps through exclusive files which is :

1-Personality disorders

2- Personality types

3- Recognizing the patient’s personality

4- Recognizing the common personalities of our culture and country today (men and women)

5-Characteristics! We will teach you (special personality traits and their signs and symptoms) and you will be able to know yourself first, then those around you and your loved ones, and then strangers sooner and faster than before, and find your new self.

4- Emotional relationships

After knowing your personality, you will learn which characters and with which symptoms can accompany a good life for you, and with these cognitions, abilities, and emotional stability, you can give up the relationship at the right time and never feel defeated (emotional failure)

5- Social relations

We will teach you skills that take you from your previous format and gradually build a friendship networks and you will able to  know how to choose them so that in the future each of them will be a connection friend and companion of your goals.

6- Fears

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles of human progress. In this package, by overcoming fears and gaining new experiences, you will discover an unknown world and experience a more comfortable and exciting life.

7- Procrastination

We have all experienced the days when we promised ourselves that we would live with the program from tomorrow! But it never happened. For example, we enrolled in a sports class with the encouragement of our friends, but we did not feel like exercising in the morning. In addition to losing the class, we will regret not doing it. This procrastination also undermines your self-confidence by creating a sense of failure in you. Farjam will be with you at this point to overcome this procrastination by finding your own solutions.

In addition to all that has been said, the 2020 package brings you the following special benefits:

If you register by January 20, 1 month will be added to the 6-month package, and in fact, you will benefit from 7 months with Farjam!

Join Farjam’s Club from the beginning of the package until the end

Up to 1 month after the end of the package, if you need help, you can have two free one-hour private sessions.

If you want to renew the package for the next year, you will be able to receive a 10% discount.

People’s satisfaction with this package 100 %


Some of the loved ones who have passed this package:

Mr Nima Azadi

Gold seller

  I went to Farjam for mental health and the results I got in the first month were much more than I expected and I heard some words from Farjam and got information that helped me a lot in my business. . .


Watch the video ….

Mrs Pantea-Bavghani


From myself, my sensibilities, the things that happened to me and I did not know how to manage these. . .

Watch the video …

Mrs Fatemeh Rahmani


When we want to have a different performance in our lives, the best way is to invest in ourselves and have a companion in this path that will help us in the most effective and best way to move forward with the fastest speed.

Watch the video …

Mrs Nasim Mokhtari


In this three months that have passed since my package, I got to know the characters much more and better than before. I realized what type person I am and what model of characters I should behave with

Read more …

Mrs Bahahre Mehri


In this package, I realized that I could be very successful with being a general practitioner (without specializing), and this new perspective and belief helped me a lot to feel better and happier. . .

Read more …

Mrs Afsane Nasrollahi

Internal Manager Of Clinic

I have gone to different therapists so far, which was not necessarily bad, but I wanted “something else” and I was told that I do not have a specific personality disorder and go on with your life, but I wanted to go beyond and learn new things… and I came to Farjam …

Read more …

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