Dating Class


Who it’s for:

– Those who believe that more than 80% of life is about relationships and want to live in relationships, not for relationships.
– Those who don’t limit relationships to just between themselves and the opposite sex, acknowledging that work, classes, and family are also part of our relationships.
– Those looking for a relationship with someone and want to learn how to attract that person’s attention.
– Those seeking relationships filled with experiences.
– Those who want to enter a relationship to learn from the other person.
– Those who want to mentally and emotionally detach from a previous relationship and prepare for future relationships.
– Those who seek to gain something from relationships, whether material or spiritual.
– Those who want to go on enough dates and learn what to say and do.


Who it’s not for:

– Those who don’t see entering a relationship as an experience and learning opportunity.
– Those who for any reason think having a relationship is not attractive to them, which has been scientifically proven to be a baseless thought since humans come into existence, live, and die in relationships.
– Those who think they are perfect and only want to control or change the other person.
– Those who think relationships don’t need education, learning, and extensive experience.


What to expect after purchase:

– Having and enjoying any type of relationship we are in.
– A radical change in the way we view relationships.
– Experiencing relationships with someone you have a crush on.
– Moving on more quickly and comfortably from a relationship that has ended and entering the next relationship in a healthier mental state.



The Relationship Science class is being held for the first time in the Middle East in a specialized manner.

Topics of the Relationship Science class:
How to behave in a relationship
Attitude in romantic meetings
Managing special situations in relationships
Psychology and emotion management
Self-esteem skills
Expression and voice skills
Debate and discussion
Behavioral understanding of oneself and others


The class has been previously held online, and now the recorded video of the class is available to you.
The class consists of 10 sessions, each lasting two hours.